Clinic Bubbleprof

Bubbleprof is a new, completely unique, approach to profiling your Node.js code.


Bubbleprof is a completely new way to visualize the operation of your Node.js processes. It observes the async operations of your application, groups them, measures their delays, and draws a map of the delays in your application's async flow.

Read the introductory blogpost here and the launch announcement here.

Try a live example here

How it works

The size of each bubble represents time within a group of operations. These are grouped where the flow stayed within either your own code, a module, or node core. Tiny adjacent groups are also grouped to reduce clutter. The length of arrows connecting bubbles shows the delays while the flow moves from one group to another. Inner coloured lines indicate the mix of types of async operation responsible for this delay. Click to explore. Line lengths between and around the bubbles and numeric labels reflect the aggregated delay in miliseconds (ms).


The best way to learn how to use Bubbleprof is with our detailed walkthrough

Follow a full walkthrough of Bubbleprof