Our overarching aim with the project was to create developer tools with an amazing user experience. This means the tools should not require large infrastructure to run and should be usable on developer laptops. They should generate portable outputs that can be shared between developers and they should have a progressive approach to information display where the fine detail is only provided if you want it.

To achieve this we assembled a team of of experts in Node.js Core, Data Science, Design, Front-End Development, Data Visualisation and Product to create Clinic.

The Clinic experts

Matteo Collina

Alan Slater

Conor O'Neill

David Clements

James Snell

Mathias Buus

Renée Kooi

Getting involved

NearForm has made a major investment in building Node Clinic. We want as many developers as possible to benefit from it and have therefore released it as an Open Source project under the GPL3 license. We are very interested in building a community of like-minded individuals and companies around these tools. If you'd like to get involved in any aspect, not just code, first read our Code of Conduct and Contributor guide. Then feel free to reach out to us on GitHub or via the usual social channels.