Node Clinic - An Open Source Node.js performance profiling suite by NearForm

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Node Clinic

Clinic is a suite of tools to help diagnose and pinpoint your Node.js performance issues.

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Clinic Doctor

Clinic Doctor

Doctor characterizes your Node.js performance issues and guides you towards a solution.

  • Collects metrics by injecting probes.
  • Assesses health with heuristics.
  • Creates recommendations.
Doctor Metrics
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Clinic Bubbleprof

Bubbleprof is a new, completely unique, approach to profiling your Node.js code.

  • Collects metrics using async_hooks
  • Tracks latency between operations
  • Creates bubble graphs
Bubbleprof Metrics
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Clinic Flame

Uncovers the bottlenecks and hot paths in your code, with flamegraphs.

  • Collects metrics by CPU sampling.
  • Tracks top-of-stack frequency.
  • Creates flame graphs.
Flame Metrics
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Commercial Support

NearForm provides a set of commercial support packages and bundles around Node Clinic. In addition to support for the tools themselves, we also provide the most up to date OSS Node.js distro for containers and an extensive range of solution development and DevOps services.

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