Tools to help diagnose and pinpoint Node.js performance issues


Clinic Doctor

Diagnose performance issues in your Node.js applications

  • Collects metrics by injecting probes
  • Assess health and heuristics
  • Creates recommendations
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Clinic Bubbleprof

Bubbleprof is a new, completely unique, approach to profiling your Node.js code

  • Collects metrics using async_hooks
  • Tracks latency between operations
  • Creates bubble graphs
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Clinic Flame

Uncovers the bottlenecks and hot paths in your code with Flamegraphs

  • Collects metrics by CPU sampling
  • Tracks top-of-stack frequency
  • Creates flame graphs
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I initially didn't use Clinic because I thought that I could get all the results with other tools. Boy was I wrong! I was also really amazed by the UI and responsiveness of all the Clinic tools

Nikolay Matvienko, Software Engineer at Grid Dynamics